Good Business, Good People

Breckinridge County is Open for Business!

Breckinridge County United works to grow a vibrant, healthy economy in which both businesses and residents can prosper. We are the primary contact for relocating and assisting new or existing businesses within Breckinridge County, Kentucky--a frontrunner in the tool & die and agricultural industries. We are here to help with site selection, incentives, and any other relocation issues.

Welcome to Breckinridge County!

Breckinridge County is the sixth largest county in the state of Kentucky. Although Breckinridge County is sizable, it maintains a small town feel. However, don’t let the small town ‘feel’ lead you to believe that Breckinridge County is 'small time’. We are striving to become the nation’s frontrunner in Tool and Die manufacturing and agriculture development.

Historically, Breckinridge County has been known for its agricultural business and we are proud of that heritage. Also, over the past few years, several local citizens have established Tool & Die manufacturing facilities that utilize cutting edge technology. Companies from around the world have shown interest in working with our Tool & Die manufacturers.

This website is the portal to let you and the world know that Breckinridge County, Kentucky is open for business.

Which leads us to ask, “How may we help you?”